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10 Most Important Moves of the 2018 NBA Offseason

In the last two years, 10 of the NBA’s 25 best players have changed teams. We just saw that happen with two of the NBA’s elite players, but that’s not all that happened. We’ve ranked the teams in the East and West, and now we rank the most important moves of the 2018 NBA offseason.

1. LeBron signs with the Lakers

The most popular franchise in the sport should end its five-year run of horrific basketball by adding one of the greatest players in basketball history. LeBron just had the greatest postseason of his career, carrying a weak Cavs roster to the Finals, and averaging 34 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists in the postseason. The Lakers will get the most national TV games, and we could be headed toward a Lakers/Celtics Finals.

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