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5 Amazing personal Growth apps

Personal growth is a very subjective term. it encompasses a set of consistent approaches and efforts to ensure that you are always improving your self-knowledge which in turn will ensure growth in every aspect of your life. Personal growth is aimed at improving the mental, physical and spiritual well-being and maximize the potential to be able to lead a contented and fulfilling life. Having defined what is personal growth, you would understand that that the personal growth process is an ongoing one and it focusses on self-improvement. Personal growth Apps and Personal growthweb-based apps, therefore, are primarily developed to cater to your self-improvement need to make you smarter, happier and stronger.

The apps and personal growth

There are a mind-boggling number of apps that cater to personal growth starting from teaching you to speak good English to help you bake the best cake ever. Though they contribute in some way or other to learn a skill which is an essential aspect of personal growth, they by themselves cannot be categorized as apps that can foster personal growth. Personal growth implies changes for the good. Sice change does not happen suddenly because the human brain and mind try to resist changes, it has to be introduced slowly. The Personal growth websites are designed for you to introduce this small changes into your day and also to continue with it without a break for you to achieve better things in life such as health, wealth and happiness, which you yearn for.

Top 5 apps

If you are to chose the best among the number of apps that are available and those that are being introduced from time to time, those that will help you keep fit, make wealth and deal with problems better by keeping your mind in order as well as cultivating new habits that will improve your living will, in any case, top the list. The apps are available onyour phone, iPhone and are quite easy to use. You also can access personal Growth Some of the top Personal growth Apps include

Simply being

This is a small app that is aimed at your mental health which in turn will make you alert, stable and contribute all the goodness that meditation has to offer to you. This app intends to open the door for you and lead you to success. The Simply Being app helps you choose how long you want to meditate and helps you start your day with guided meditation, or listening to music without voiceover.

Nike +

This is one of the most popular and widely used Personal growth App that uses the GPS in your phone to track your progress as well as display your progress. This app is popular not only because, it tells you, the amount of workout you have done but it does much more to keep you motivated. You can “friend” other Nike + users and you can make your workouts competitive in nature by comparing yours with the workout results of others.


This is a magnificent app has about 25-minute long yoga sessions and thee are about 50 of themwithin the app which you can follow on a regular basis. The yoga sessions are aimed at improving flexibility and improve the mind-body-spirit connection. This is what you will want in a personal growth App.


If you are looking for Personal growth web-based App, that can be really soothing and relaxing, it is none other than Instinct which is actually a guitar learning app. The app uses the built-in speaker in your computer to listen to the notes you are playing and corrects you helping you acquire the new skill and uses music as a soothing therapy to keep your mind and soul at p[eace. The app has lessons designed to cater to both beginners as well as the advanced players of the guitar.


This app is a collection of brain games. The games are designed to test the mental acuity as well as to give the grey matter of your brain a series of workouts which will make you alert, improveyourmemory, improve your observation skills and make you smarter.You also have a Personal growthweb version of the app which is much more robust than the mobile app. However, this app is a paid one but it will surely offer full value for the money you spend.

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