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5 Home Remedies For Impetigo

This article will help you know about home remedies for impetigo. As you know, our body’s skin is not only composed of human skin cells, but also a lot of microorganisms called skin flora which is usually not harmful to our body and sometimes even offers benefits by preventing transient pathogenic bacteria. However, when you have a small cut, a bruise or the opening in your skin, some harmful resident bacteria can enter your body and cause infectious diseases.

The most common infection caused by bacterial skin in babies and young children is impetigo. Adults also can get it, especially people with diabetes or weak immune system.Besides the medical treatment proving from the doctor, improvised home remedies for impetigo will help you recover and heal quickly from impetigo.

What Is Impetigo?

Impetigo is bacterial skin infection which is highly contagious. It often mostly affects the children who have skin cut, abrasion resulting in the invading of harmful bacteria. It usually appears around the nose and the mouth.It also forms on the leg or arm but less frequent.
There are two types of impetigo. Non-bullous impetigo initially raises the small skin bumps, red, inflamed which will burst to excrete yellow stuff. Then this substance will harden up leading to golden- brown crust which can dry and disappear without leaving any scars. During that, you might feel itchy and sore. Non-bullous is more transmissible than bullous type.Bullous impetigo causes fluid-filled blister which can take a long time to break and heal.

What Are Symptoms of Impetigo?

There are some symptoms of impetigo, including:
• The tiny blister can get bigger and break so you can see slightly wet and red skin.
• It can spread to other areas.
• When infection enters in the deeper part of the skin, it’ll be worst. It can form dark, thick crust which is itchy and they call ecthyma. It will make you have an incredible desire to scratch. And without treatment, it may leave you permanent scars. More severe, you can have a kidney disease which is a complication of impetigo, but it rarely happens.
Seek medical help when the situation becomes worse. Such as you might see the symptoms of ecthyma which is mentioned above. When your urine changes, your body swollen, you feel nausea or having a headache also indicates that your kidney’s having a problem due to the complication of impetigo and you need to go to the doctor right away.

Why Do You Have Impetigo?

The bacteria which causes impetigo can be everywhere. They can go inside when they have a chance such as having an open wound and contacting with who already have this disease.

Moreover, you can be contracted when you use the same clothes, towels or other things of persons with this disease.

Your child can get impetigo if they also have other problem with skin such as skin infection, for instance, eczema.

Can we have to go to a doctor for treatment or do it at home with some home remedies for impetigo?

What Is The Treatment Of Impetigo?

Usually, doctors prescribe antibiotics for the patient to get away from impetigo. They can advise you to use a topical antibiotic first to avoid this infection can spread to another area.
When your skin condition doesn’t improve, some oral antibiotics may be recommended such as flucloxacillin. However, you need to consider the side effects of using antibiotics for treatment such as irritation, rash, diarrhea.

Therefore, keeping hygiene for your skin and the environment is critical in this case. If any member of your family has impetigo, you should ask all members to follow the hygiene strictly. Wash your hand frequency with mild soap. Don’t share some personal things together such as clothes or towels.
Do hygiene the wound as needed and cover them to avoid contract to other sites or other people.

Have You Ever Used Home Remedies For Impetigo?

Weighing the pros and cons of using antibiotics with many harmful effects for health, using natural treatment can be a key for those people with impetigo. Let’s see what home remedies for impetigo are?

• Goldenseal: it is believed that goldenseal includes some substances which can fight infection such as berberine, beta-hydrastine, and canadine. These chemicals can help against infection of impetigo. You can use goldenseal in oral, tropical ways. Advice for impetigo is taking 250mg or apply this cream or liquid to this infected area three times per day.
• Olive oil: we know that olive oil kind of a mild antiseptic, but we don’t know it also has other power. Olive oil contains rutin and oleuropein components which can react to infection type os impetigo. If you use some drops of this oil four times a day, your infection will be controlled well. Moreover, olive oil is an excellent choice for prevention impetigo. If you contact your wound to the person with impetigo, you should use it to prevent contagious impetigo.
• Tea tree oil: some scientists proved that tea tree oil is a natural medicine for impetigo. Using three drops of tea tree oil three times per days for a good effect.
• Zinc: Zinc plays an essential role in immunology system which encourages your body combat to the foreign bodies. A study told that zinc decreases the risk of having impetigo in immature babies. In addition, adults can use that too with a dose is 15 mg per day.
• Garlic: the belief is garlic with some particular components inside can annihilate infection. Hence, garlic can play a role in fighting infection for the impetigo and relieve pain or itchy of this infection. Pressing some cloves of raw garlic and apply to this injured site for ten minutes, then rub this site with warm water.
This article showed you some essential information about a kind of infection skin called impetigo. We can use antibiotics as the doctor said or apply home remedies for impetigo at home. However, you have to practice hygiene to have a good effect on treatment and prevention also.

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