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Badminton as Career – How to Encourage your Child

Children are enthusiastic about sports always. They have their own idols from the sport they love to pursue including the stalwarts in the industry such as Dhoni, Tendulkar, Bhupati, Paes, and many more.

However, only a few manage to emerge as successful a player as these. The early years of a child in India are exciting. These days, parents don’t mind exposing their children to almost everything including art, athletics, musical instrument, or a sport they find interesting. This is a dedicated attempt of parents to ensure consistent development and a memorable childhood.

It is crucial for a child to play various sports initially before actually zeroing down on one. According to experts, learning period in sports extends from age of 5-18 years.

By the time kids are in school, parents are confused whether to let their children pursue sports or not. Parents need to observe their children well and let them participate in one of the games. It is good to help a child pursue his or her dreams by choosing a good sports academy and a coach. However, the results purely depend on the determination and hard work of the child. Admitting a child into sports academy does not guarantee a shining career in sports. For the latest and interesting badminton news, visit

Here’s what you need to consider when helping your child pursue his dream of being a professional Badminton player:

A Mentor

A career in sports is impossible without a coach. He or she is the one who can spot exceptional talent in a child and groom it further. The whole world knows about the contribution of Coach Pullela Gopichand to ace badminton player Saina Nehwal’s career and that of P V Sindhu. However, it is important for the kid to play, practice and enjoy the game. He or she should be passionate about the sport. Participation in tough competitions can come later. Finding a coach is not the ultimate thing to do. Parents should encourage their children to practice well and spend good amount of time understanding the sport.


A healthy nutrition rich diet is what a child must be exposed to right from his early years. This diet plan can be decided under the guidance of a pediatrician and the coach. Each sport is demanding (physically and mentally), even chess. So it is important that the child gets adequate nutrition to gain energy and cope with the pressure of keeping up with the pace.

Medical Advice

Have you consulted a medical practitioner or a pediatrician before deciding on a career in sports for your child? It certainly makes huge sense to seek medical advice. You should focus on getting a thorough medical checkup to known if the child is fit for competitive sport. Some medical illnesses such as a cadilogical condition or thalesmic trait may hinder his sports career.


Encourage your child to exercise. This is important to gain physical strength and boost stamina. Regular physical exercise and training will strengthen the body, reduce risks of injury and speed up the recovery process.

Slow and Steady

Time is a crucial factor in sports. As soon as the child starts winning in-house events, it is time to encourage him or her to move to the city tournament. Gradually, he can start off with his zonal stints and state tournaments before entering into national and international level. Time is important. You need to act slow but make sure he is at the right place at the right age.

Support System in Indian Sports

A sports player needs a big support system. The morale of child can be easily broken due to poor performance and injury. It is important for parents to possess and display sportsman spirit. With support, constant encouragement, and guidance, players can easily reach their goals. =====================================================================

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