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Best cloud Storage Services – Google drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox
As we know there is three major cloud storage space providing companies, Google drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox. All of the above mentioned, services, are providing by well-known companies in the industry. All of them are offering free basic storage space and user-friendly applications to its users. In this article, we are looking the positive and negative side of these cloud storage space providers, but it is very difficult to conclude one as the winner.


Dropbox is a file hosting company started by Dropbox.INC. Dropbox basically creates a folder on the user’s computer, then the user can easily synchronize their working files and folders to Dropbox’s servers and the user can access their working files with other Dropbox installed computers and devices. So the user can work from anywhere and from any devices. On Dropbox basic free plan users will get 2GB space by starting an account. For advanced users, there are some paid plans with additional features. Dropbox offers computer apps for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Linux computers, and mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets. When compared to other two services the Dropbox only allows you to password protect links, set expiry dates and audit shared content.
Dropbox has recently introduced a new tool called Dropbox Paper, which is mainly meant for collaboration purpose. Dropbox Paper makes easy to share and works on the documents created earlier and edited using other software.

One Drive

Onedrive, a cloud storage space providing services operated by Microsoft. You can save files online as well as offline. That means you can use them anytime, even when you’re not connected to the Internet. When you reconnect, Onedrive updates the online versions with changes you made offline. Onedrive perfectly integrates with iOS, Android, and apps available for most popular devices. Onedrive even compatible with Windows 10 as well as Windows 10 and it helps to organize your files by type and makes it easy to find out.

Users can synchronize their files and folders with Onedrive servers and can be accessed from anywhere and to any system. Even users can share files saved in Onedrive publicly or for specific persons. In the initial days, the name of this service started by Microsoft was Skydrive later changed it to Onedrive. Microsoft operating this service as a freemium model business and users will get basic plan storage space up to 5GB space.

Google drive space

Google Drive, was launched in 2012 a file storage and synchronization service from Google. You can store all your documents like pictures, documents, drawings, and presentations, etc. in Google Drive. Google drive enables users to store files in the cloud, synchronize across devices and share these files with a specific person or group of persons. With the help of the Google Drive App, you can have offline capabilities for Windows PCs, Mac, Android, iOS, tablets, etc. Google also operates this service as freemium business model and free basic account storage limit is 15 GB. Proper Google drive space management helps you avoid the message from Google like, “you are running out of storage space.” Google Drive keeps all the control over a file with admin at all times, while allowing others to see and revise the files. Google drive provides you lot of free productivity tools from searchable app library to boost the google drive experience.

How to use Google drive

Storage Space

For basic free plan Google drive provides 15GB and in case of Dropbox and one drive, it is 2GB and 5GB respectively. So the other players can’t compare with Google drive. For the paid plan, Dropbox is not flexible for individual users as they directly jump from 2GB free plan to 1TB paid option.
For individual the plan, Onedrive is more flexible and cost-effective as they are providing 1TB of storage space for five users at the same price of Google drive single user option ($9.99). This Onedrive subscription plan also comes with an office 365 subscriptions. One drive provides 1TB of storage space for individual users at $6.99, which is less than the amount charged by Google drive.
Finally the answer to the question “which is good cloud storage space service?” depends upon the needs of the user or users. For individual usage, we give more marks to Onedrive.

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