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Big fall decision to come for 4-Star athlete David Ugwoegbu

David Ugwoegbu hasn’t made a big scene on social media about his Top 3, but a few weeks ago, there was plenty of clamoring from others for him to commit to one team in particular from that trio filling up the Twittersphere.

Oklahoma was all of a sudden pushed to the forefront of the discussion for the four-star Katy, Texas, athlete. Smoke certainly began billowing around his interest in the Sooners, but he insists that was more from the interest of others than his own.

“Right now, Oklahoma is in my top three schools and there are other recruits around the country that are committed there, and pretty much all those recruits were quoting my tweet, [direct messaging] me, letting me know that I should make the move to Oklahoma,” he said. “Just people in the internet community saw all that and that’s what blew that all up. Just the hype of it, they were just looking to try and get me to commit.”

The other teams in his Top 3, Alabama and Texas A&M, seem to have two pretty different positions to work from when it comes to him. Ugwoegbu seems to be very familiar with the Aggies, whereas he’s holding on forming a firm opinion about the Crimson Tide until after he’s able to take an official visit to Tuscaloosa in the fall.

“I pretty much talk to Coach Jeff Banks weekly,” he said. “I keep him updated, he keeps me updated, just let him know that they’re still in the running and I plan on making my decision after my visit out there when we get that worked out.”

More on Oklahoma, where he last visited during the Sooners’ spring game

“I met Coach (Lincoln) Riley and right away, he was one of the coaches that I felt kept things the most real with me, I guess you could say,” he said. “I could tell that he wasn’t just trying to talk the talk and fill my head up, he was keeping it real and letting me know who stuff would go down if I did come there.

“I also checked out the facility, the weight room and the practice fields and I was really blown away with that. That really drew me to it because I am one of those guys that really fancies a nice weight room, a nice locker room and seeing that made me like it even more.”

On the efforts of other commits in recruiting him

Jonathan Perkins and Arjei Henderson have both been hitting me up and getting me to lean towards OU,” he said. “That means quite a bit, because I’ve known Hendi for a while and he’s a baller; he’s a great football player. With Perkins … seeing the trust that he has in Coach Riley and the recruiting class coming in, for him to commit there to play football means a lot ot me.”

On Texas A&M

“A&M is in my Top 3 because when I moved here Texas, that was one of the first college football games I went to, and I’ve been to a whole bunch of them since then,” he said. “Coach (Terry) Price and Coach (Elijah) Robinson, both great coaches as well, and I’ve been talking to them for a long time.”

“I love that if you go to that school you really have a lot of connections in the workforce after college or if after football is done,” he said. “Aggieland can get you a job pretty much anywhere is what I’ve been told by many people, so they help you out in a big way past football.”

More on Robinson

“I like im because he’s probably the youngest coach I deal with,” he said. “He talks to me more as like one of my homeboys than a coach – it’s less formal, I’m not sure what it is – we just connect and flow better.”

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