Buying a Second Hand Car – How Not to End Up Buying a Stolen Car?

When buying a second hand (used) car, you should make sure you are 100% protected. Sometimes people may try selling stolen cars illegally. Beware of such frauds! Here are some ways you can ensure safe buying process:

Loans on Car

If the used car you plan to buy had been financed by some finance organization or bank, then you should get a form 35 NOC. This must be obtained from that bank or finance company. Any verbal guarantees that the loan has been paid off may prove to be a disaster in the long run. Avoid accepting an ordinary letter from finance company dictating no financial interest in the car is left. An ‘NOC’ (no objection certificate) on Form 35 is the right way to go.

Check One Thoroughly
This is a long process. Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure perfect checking:

– Take Record

Using a paper and pen/pencil, note down the chassis and engine numbers from the car and verify whether they match the numbers on documentation provided. Also create a list of any complications you discover while examining the car. This will give you a detailed idea of the actual amount to spend in getting the car fixed. You can also potentially bring down the price by informing the seller the work the vehicle needs.

– The Stereo

Keep a musical CD / tape to check if the stereo system is properly working.

– Use a Flashlight

It is highly recommended by experts. It will help you look into all corners of the car or under the hood especially where the lighting is low.

– The Body of Car

Examine the body of car well. Check for any signs that may indicate that the car was involved in an accident. Inspect the chassis. You can make out by its body-line if it has been involved in an accident. Avoid buying a used car that has been repainted recently. This is because repainting tends to hide several things. So check for repainting. Check under the hood and inside the trunk thoroughly.

– Accessories

The accessories such as stereo and air conditioning will cost a lot of money to replace or repair. So check everything from stereo to air conditioning, and power windows to see if they all work well.

– Check the Tires

Check out the tires for excessive wear. Remember to check all four tires. Get car specifications in Hindi online for reference. Excessive wear is a sign of issue with alignment of steering or suspension.

– Oil Checking

It is good to check the oil well to see the condition of the oil. Dirty oil is a sign of poor maintenance. Experts believe that change of oil is one of the easiest and necessary ways of car maintenance. Now start the car and allow it idle. Keep the hood open. If you notice unnecessary engine vibration, it indicates issues with may mean motor mounts problems. The engine should run smoothly. No surging or sputtering should be observed. Also understand that the engine accelerates smoothly after pressing the accelerator.

– Steering Wheels

Examine steering wheel well. When the vehicle is idling and not in motion; simply turn the steering wheel, both on left and right. Remember that there is no play in the wheel before tires of car move to turn.

– Test Drive

This is very important. Take a test drive. The process helps you to get the feel of pickup of the car and know about power of engine. Also inspect well for other tell-tale signs such as bizarre noises when driving. Avoid keeping the stereo playing especially when taking a test drive. Do not ignore application of brakes while driving at a higher speed. Car should stop straight and then come to a smooth stop. Veering sideways is a bad sign.

– Don’t be in a Hurry

What’s the hurry? Make sure you check all documents thoroughly to make sure the car you purchase does not have a loan on it from a finance company or bank. You should check and acquire all relevant documents. Strictly avoid a low price for a car especially without checking all documentation of the vehicle. The hurry may end up you investing in a stolen car.

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