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Chances are if you looked around your office, you’d find more Millennials working than other generations. Once you do your head count and realize you’re office is swarming with these young workers, you’ll want to fine tune how you’re communicating with them.

Millennials stand for something. You’ll find that Millennials have an eye for authenticity and block out everything else. Chances are, that any Millennials you have on your team probably looked into your company to see where and how you stand. Millennials are passionate about their work and who they work for, so when it comes to communicating with them, don’t try to be a company that you aren’t. Be real, sincere, and talk about stuff that matters.

Culture is cool. Millennials want to feel like they’re part of team, part of something bigger, and they’re looking to do that with a company that allows them to be themselves. We’re not saying that you need to have a giant slide connecting the floors of your office building. But little things like flexibility in when and where they work, free food, loosened dress code, and how you communicate with them, can be game changers when it comes to attracting and retaining Millennials.

Send the right message. Emails that include graphics or images, design that is trendy, and copy that is both engaging and informative may be the difference between someone getting the message or sending it straight to the trash folder.

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