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Does Throwing Up Make You Lose Weight?

Overweight and obesity are now big problems all over the world that many people try themselves to lose their weight. There are many remedies to help you reach this goal. Many people try to vomit all the food they eat after the meal, so does throwing up make you lose weight?
The fact and scientifically, the answer is no. Moreover, throwing up can make you gain weight.

You might be surprised and consider why, but this idea is just a misconception leads to many serious health risks. For the first time when you induce throw up, you will experience primary weight loss for a few kilos. You will confuse that throwing up makes you lose weight but it is not true. There are many reasons why it does not work.

Because of dehydration, your body is quickly losing weight, and this way cannot be sustained for a long time. Many research has shown that throwing up the food after a meal, not only does not help you lose weight, but also make you retain at least a half of the total consumption.

The second cause is metabolism will lower when you try self-induced vomit or restrict the food supply. And that will make your body converts the calories in the food consume into fat which stored in the body. Finally, you gained your weight.

The third is, throwing up for a few times can lead to bulimia, you consume more food than ever before. Self- induced vomiting after eating for a long period can develop to be an addictive process, and you could not control and could not stop it.

What are the dangerous effects of throwing up or self- induced vomiting?

Your body will become addictive to this process that you prone to vomit immediately after your meal. Our bodies are quickly adapted to a new difference. If you exercise regularly and properly like running or lifting weights, your body will get stronger that you can run faster and longer, lifting heavier weight in a long time as well. If you control your amount of food properly and gradually, you can enhance your stomach capacity that means you can eat more food at one time than before. You also can reduce your stomach capacity as you decrease the maximum food consumption per time if you restrict its amount in a right way. And therefore, constantly throw up will make your body become more prone to vomiting and addicted to this process. You will find that your body easily throwing up without trying and more frequently as you could not imagine.

Our bodies are getting in trouble with severe dehydration and lack of body fluid. In fact, throwing up after the meal not only push out the food and water you consume but also eliminate rich amounts of acid, body water, and body electrolytes. That makes your body process slows down and causes other serious health issues like tired, confuse or lethargy.
Erode teeth and mouth because of digestive acids. Normally, the stomach acid is about 1.5 to 3.5 on a 0 to 14 scale, that means your digestive acid is very acidic to easily digest all kinds of foods you consumed. When you trying to throw up, this acid has a chance to push up with the food and contact with your mouth and teeth. Continually with long periods, your upper digestion will be eroded and lead to severe issues.

You might undergo some disease like gastric acid reflux or gastric ulcers.

The stomach acid can cause problems with your stomach and esophagus, lead to peptic ulcers. This acid can defect the lining of the digestive system that formed ulcers in the duodenum or esophagus. Over time, these problems will be more severe and difficult to recover. Acid reflux is a condition that characterized by the food content leaks up into the esophagus, cause heartburn and irritate
Acid reflux disease (such as gastroesophageal reflux disease) is known as a condition that your stomach contents such as liquid and food leak the backward from your stomach into esophagus (the tube connecting your mouth and stomach). This action irritates the esophagus, leading to serious heartburn as well as another negative symptoms. Chronic ejecting stomach contents overtime can result in worsening the acid reflux, and let the stomach acid damage the esophagus, too.

Tips to lose weight

As you know there are many ways to lose weight quickly, but in this article, I recommend you some important tips that you should remember. The optimal way is losing weight without hunger and reduce your appetite properly, carefully count your calories to set up a diet, follow this plan in long time periods.
1. Consume more low carb food ( the carb food includes sugar and starch).
2. Enhance amount of protein and vegetable, take healthy fat.
3. Exercise at least 3 times per week, 45 minutes per time.
If you are in trouble with throwing up after the meal, you need to contact your doctor or your nutritionist early to get rid of its side effects.

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