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Holistic Tips for Improving the Health of Your Hair!

If you are worried about the health of your hair, this article is for you! There are many simple ways that you can improve the quality of your hair without much effort.

In fact, even making a few changes to your diet could make an enormous difference!

If you really want to have long and vibrant hair, read the rest of this article!

Drink Green Tea Every Day for Better Hair!

You may have heard about the benefits of green tea for weight loss or heart health, but I am guessing you didn’t know that it was one of the best drinks for your hair!

Green tea is especially great for your overall health, and those anti-aging effects are exactly why it is great for your hair.

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that fight of the free-radical cells which are slowing your body down.

With consistent use, green tea will help your body to run smoother and more efficiently than ever!

For weight loss, it is often suggested to drink 5 cups of green tea per day. Although this might seem like a lot, it is a good goal to shoot for each day!

Cold-Pressed Juice is All the Vitamins and Minerals Your Hair Needs!

Instead of heading to the store to purchase a hair, skin, and nails product, concentrate your efforts on drinking cold-pressed juice each day.
The advantage of cold-pressed juicing is that not only will you get the nutrients your hair needs, but your body will be fueled by an influx of easily-absorbable vitamins and minerals.

There are some particular fruits and vegetables which are more specifically useful for your hair (such as onion, garlic, strawberries, carrots), but nearly any will be beneficial.

The key to this is that you need to be consistent with drinking your homemade juices, and you need to keep it up for a while.

Cold-pressed juicing is an excellent way to heal your body from within, and it can be especially helpful for rejuvenating your hair!

Use Castor Oil and Natural/Organic Shampoo Only!

If you could choose only one product to put on your hair, choose castor oil.

Castor oil comes from the castor-oil-plant and it is the perfect product to apply to your hair. If you would like an even more beneficial version of this, try Jamaican black castor oil!

Castor oil is beneficial because it can penetrate down to the roots of your hair to hydrate and fuel hair growth.

Other products cannot do this, which sets castor oil apart.

One issue with castor oil is that is relatively thick, which is why some people prefer to mix it with shampoo.

However, you need to use only natural or organic shampoo!

Combining castor oil with an organic shampoo will help you to spread the castor oil throughout your scalp easier and help to wash the castor oil out of your hair with less effort.

Castor oil is simply used by applying and leaving in your hair for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes are up, simply wash out the oil.

You can do this treatment twice per week, and you will see the difference within just a couple weeks!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of castor oil, check out

Concluding Thoughts

A poor diet, too much stress, or simple genetic factors can all cause you to have weak and brittle hair.
Luckily, you can always do something about it.
Even the worst conditioned hair can become better with effort!
Drinking cold-pressed juice and green tea are two simple additions to your diet, which will make a stark difference in your overall health.
If you combine these two drinks with castor oil on your scalp, you will be seeing the difference in your hair sooner, rather than later!

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