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[In Pic] When Sanju’s best friend Kamli Vicky Kaushal met Sanjay Dutt’s BFF Paresh Ghelani

[In Pic] When Sanju’s best friend Kamli Vicky Kaushal met Sanjay Dutt’s BFF Paresh Ghelani

Ranbir Kapoor has gathered huge acclaim for his role of Sanjay Dutt in Sanju. But Vicky Kaushal’s honest portrayal of his best friend in the film Kamli has shined bright as well. The moment people watched the film all they wanted to know was who is this Kamli. Turns out it was Sanjay’s best friend from many years Paresh Ghelani. He has often mentioned about him on his Instagram account. Now the reel Kamli met real Paria, that’s what Sanjay calls his BFF and the picture is super fun. Vicky shared it on Instagram saying, “Real & Reel. Paria & Kamli. @pareshghelani #Sanju.” (Also read: Sanjay Dutt’s sister, Namrata Dutt couldn’t connect with Paresh Rawal’s character in Sanju)

It’s really amazing how Sanjay Dutt’s this friend never wanted any limelight despite being his friend for decades. You all wish to find a BFF like that who only thinks about you and nothing else. Dutt is really lucky. Speaking about his role, Vicky had told us, “Jo sabse reaction mil rahe hai, jo tweets main padh raha hoon…feels extremely nice. You feel like you have been able to translate the character to reach the audience. The biggest compliment came to me from Sanju Sir himself. After he watched the film, he called me up to say he had loved the film; he had loved the portrayal of the friendship between Sanju and Kamli. That meant a lot because he felt like he saw the friendship that he has lived in his life. That was my biggest validation.” We wonder what Paresh has to say about Kamli!

Vicky watched Sanju many days after the film released because he was shooting Uri in Serbia.

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