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Koode movie review: Prithviraj and Parvathy’s emotional drama gets thumbs up from the critics

Dhadak is not the only remake of a Marathi movie released this week. Koode – the Malayalam remake of the Marathi film Happy Journey – also opened in theatres this Friday. The movie has been directed by Anjali Menon, popular for Bangalore Days. And from the first reviews, it seems like she has once again hit the jackpot. The critics have unanimously praised her work and the actors in the movie, Prithviraj, Nazriya and Parvathy. In case you are expanding your horizon and looking out for a regional language movie, Koode should be your choice, for sure this weekend. Check out the best reviews of the film below!

Hindustan Times praised the movie and called it a heart-wrenching poem in motion. They wrote, “Anjali Menon’s Koode is a study in relationships — Prithviraj as Joshua, Nazriya as Jenny and Parvathy as Sophie explore the various shades of sadness, that indescribable melancholy when you lose your reason to live.”

The Indian Express called Anjali’s adaptation of the movie “dark and gritty with just a streak of sunshine” but nevertheless they loved it. They elaborated, “Anjali brings these three characters together in a journey where they overcome the personal trauma and social stigma and learn to move on from their past. The beautiful images powered by cinematographer Littil Swayamp and composer Raghu Dixit’s soulful background score keeps us emotionally invested in each character.”

The News Minute was also all praise for director Anjali. They also wrote, “You never feel the time passing till all 155 minutes are over and the end credits still keep you in your seats for the final song. You might lazily categorise it as a ‘feel good’ movie. But that would not be fair to Anjali or her crew. One can say that Koode – ‘With You’ – helps you find the meaning of the word, and all that it contains, in the most beautiful way.”

Times of India wrote, “Koode is a breezy, feel-good movie that has good performances, visuals and neatly sketched characters that will stay with you even after you leave the theatre.”

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