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No Point Of Increasing AC Restroom Charges When Cleanliness In Stations Is Deplorable

It is more about learning to read about the miserable situation of the railway stations and see what might be irking for the passengers. A station cleanliness survey conducted by the Quality Council of India represented a very deplorable assessment of the railway stations of A 1 sort.

Taking into consideration a total of 11 A1 category railway stations in Uttar Pradesh, it becomes clear that cleanliness is not up to the mark. As many as 75 stations of the A1 category were surveyed. Varanasi station was ranked seventh from the bottom; Kanpur claimed rank 61 while Shahganj station stayed at the bottom. Lucknow remained at rank 64, Agra (37), Gorakhpur (64), Allahabad (33), and Mathura (75).

The Q C I also looked at a total of 332 railway stations in that ‘A’ category. Out of 40 stations in ‘A’ category, Lalitpur, Fatehpur, Banda and Mirzapur stations have bettered its rankings. Meanwhile, Ayodhya ranked 328. Unhappily enough, the UP stations fared badly.

Of the 16 zones of Indian Railways, the North Central Railway zone figured at the bottom of the list.

AS many as 8000 stations on the Indian Railway network were classified into seven categories: A 1, A, B, C, D, E and F that was based on its annual passenger revenue. Despite these very startling facts, a proposal of extra charge was afoot for stay at AC waiting room available at the A-1 category stations.

Even the children up to 12 years have also been targeted under this new rule. Per hour charge will automatically keep on enhancing with the trains becoming late. Two AC waiting rooms were continuing here. This NCR zone railway station carries 3 lakh passengers every day.

The railways’ employees would be given a one-hour free stay in the AC waiting rooms. But who will count the 60 minutes for them?  Being employees of the department, they have the good reason to escape from the time-restriction, as several passengers believe.

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