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On Shilpa Shetty’s 43rd birthday, here’s looking at some of her unseen childhood pics!

On Shilpa Shetty’s 43rd birthday, here’s looking at some of her unseen childhood pics!

There’s something about Shilpa Shetty that really sets her apart from the rest and no, it not just restricts to her ridiculously fit body but also the person that she is, inside out. While she sets the brightest example to stay fit and fab. There’s also this other side of her which she masters by being a beautiful daughter, wife, mother and most importantly a humble human being that she is. Her smile can light up any given place and her eyes can melt even the hardest of souls. Today being her 43rd birthday, we at BollywoodLife are celebrating this very sweetness in her by walking down the memory lane. Here are some of her cutest childhood pics to show you how Shilpa Shetty has grown up to become one amazing person over the years.

We are sure many might be missing Shilpa in Bollywood considering she’s been off films but that doesn’t mean she’s completely away from the limelight. Known for being a fitness freak, Shilpa runs her own fitness trainings by also sharing free lessons on Instagram. Say for that matter, her Sunday binge videos have also become a huge hit thanks to her sinful indulgence to celebrate the ‘cheat day’ in the best way possible.

You cannot miss these childhood pics of Shilpa Shetty



All in all, we love Shilpa for how she’s evolved over the years. We wish you a happy, happy birthday Shilpa. Much love for being who you are and always believing in doing what your heart says. Keep loving, keep glowing and keep inspiring us to be as gorgeous as you!

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