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Rakhi Sawant apologises to Sunny Leone on Rajeev Khandelwal’s show Juzz Baatt

Rakhi Sawant is always known for her tongue-in-cheek statements. She never shies away from making statements that she knows will be controversial. As long as it provides her with the publicity that she needs, she goes ahead and speaks her mind. Needless to say, this often lands her in trouble. But as long as she makes headlines, seems like she doesn’t care. If you recall an incident from three years ago, Rakhi had lashed out at Sunny Leone at the launch of her number, Party Punjabi. She was absolutely brutal and left nothing to imagination when it came to blasting at the adult film actress, who was, back then, trying to gain a foothold in Bollywood. When she was asked to react to news of Sunny Leone being ousted from her house, she had said, “Ghar se nahi nikalenge toh aur kya karenge. Main ek Hindustani ladki hoon, main politics mein bhi aayi, abhi yeh sab kuch mujhe pehen ne ke liye (referring to her skimpy clothes) usi ne majboor kiya hai. So, I am here aur usse zyada hot lag rahi hoon. She had then threatened, “You Sunny Leone, you get lost from my India, okay? You just get lost from my film industry.”

However, today, years later, Rakhi has apologised to the actress on National TV. She was a guest on Rajeev Khandelwal’s show, Juzz Baatt, and when it came to admitting to a mistake that she made, she spoke about the time she had called out Sunny in public. She admitted that what she did was wrong. She reiterated the fact that she was wrong in judging Sunny without knowing anything about her journey, past, trials and tribulations. She took the opportunity to officially apologise to Sunny and admitted that she had no right to judge her. (Also read: Sunny Leone on Zee5 original Karenjit Kaur: People have been very curious to know my story)

Arshi Khan was also present on the show, along with Rakhi. While Rakhi apologised for her past behaviour, Arshi was absolutely nonchalant about having tweeted to Shahid Afridi some years ago.

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