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Ranking the 10 Best Athletes in American Team Sports

Who is the best player in the NBA, in the NFL, in the NHL, or in baseball? Well, what happens when you rank the best players in all four combined?

Here are the best players in the four major professional sports leagues in the United States ranked 10-1:

*The criteria:

  • This list is ranking players in the NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL solely based on how good and dominant they are at their respective sport right now.
  • Players are NOT being judged on “athletic ability” or comparisons of how they would do at other sporting ventures.

10. Anthony Davis, NBA, New Orleans Pelicans: This past season was a validation year for Anthony Davis. Davis’ combination of size, athleticism, skill, basketball IQ, and instinct has inserted him onto the Mount Rushmore of current NBA players. If there were odds for who will be the best player in the NBA in five years, the one who should be favored has a unibrow. 

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