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Roundup: Kanye West Holds Court in Oval Office; Tigers Announcers Go Down With a Fight; Mike Tirico’s Podcast

Untrained third-party overruled targeting call in a Pac-12 game … Stop bullying Melania Trump, the most bullied person in the worldPatrick Mahomes and A-Rod are tight …  Asking for directions while black … Mark Silverman’s 20 years at ESPN 1000Mr. West Goes to Washington … Movie reviews for people who are too lazy to read the book and also too lazy to watch the movie … Cute that the Browns are dealing with bandwagon fans nowJohn Kelly not an Elizabeth Warren fan … The Fed is going to keep raising those rates … Lindsey Vonn announces eventual retirementThe Tony Romo effect is in effect … This joke is so played out … Cubs part ways with Chili Davis … Turkey has told U.S. it has video of journalist being murdered at Saudi consulate … It’s weird how these Russian dudes always end up dead mysteriously … 

Demand a documentary on the Mario Impemba-Rod Allen blowup. There’s only so much Tigers baseball a couple can weather together. [Freep]

Mike Tirico launching a podcast. [Sporting News]

How is the new Kanye playing with the old Kanye fans? [The Ringer]

Unbelievable destruction from Hurricane Michael.

Lost dog reunited with owner after three years.

James Rodriguez scored a picturesque goal.

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