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Social Soccer App Offers “Brofessional Betting” for World Cup

Social soccer app Kiss My Score is offering fans “Brofessional Betting” this World Cup. There won’t be money on the line—Kiss My Score isn’t a literal betting app—but something far more important: pride. The app invites users with a good score to click a “show off” button and pimp their winning results. That feature comes complete with an image of Dutch forward Robin van Persie scoring his famous flying header goal against Spain in the 2014 World Cup.

Robin Van Persie scoring his famed 2014 World Cup goal (Courtesy of Kiss My Score)

With an eye toward the World Cup, Portuguese co-founder João Duarte launched Kiss My Score back in February and has already garnered more than 100,000 registered users. The app allows users to predict the final score of games and also invite friends into leagues.

“It helps people to enjoy football matches among friends,” Duarte said in a press release. “Even those who have no idea about the players’ names or which team ranks first in the league, have now the opportunity to join football conversations. Kiss my Score stands as a social enabler, an app that promotes frequent interactions with those you love most through soccer.”

Though Kiss My Score isn’t a true gambling app, brands are invited to sponsor competitions with prizes. And, of course, there are bragging rights at play. The idea evolved from Duarte and his friends logging score predictions on an Excel spreadsheet, before moving to a WhatsApp group chat, and now Kiss My Score.

“This mission is very common to fantasy leagues, but unlike them, it does not only approach the geeks of football,” he added. “It’s a simple, democratic app that brings all kinds of people together.”

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SportTechie Takeaway

Among the field of competitors vying for fan engagement and connectivity during the World Cup, Kiss My Score stands out for its simplicity and its swagger in building community.

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