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Soorma quick movie review: The Diljit Dosanjh-starrer is a breezy watch so far

Soorma quick movie review: The Diljit Dosanjh-starrer is a breezy watch so far

Biopics seem to be a rage nowadays. Soorma is on the life of one of India’s modern hockey legends Sandeep Singh. The former captain’s story is an extremely inspirational one as he bounced back from a serious accident from a wayward gunshot to score goals for the country. In the biopic, which is directed by Shaadi Ali, we see Diljit Dosanjh as Sandeep who loses interest in hockey as a kid due to an extremely authoritarian and tyrant coach. His interest is revived when he falls head over heels in love with Harpreet, the coach’s niece.

He starts training but his priority is to get a job through hockey and marry his ladylove. His brother Vikram quits the game as he fails to get selected for the national team year after year. It is a troubled time for the brothers as Harpreet’s family opposes their relationship. As destiny would have it, his brother discovers that Sandeep is a genius in hockey’s toughest shot, the drag flick. A supportive coach and federation head hone his skills and his career takes off. However, tragedy strikes when he gets shot before the World Cup. Will his career continue? We have to wait for the story post the interval for that. ALSO READ: Soorma box office prediction: Diljit Dosanjh’s biographical sports drama to earn around Rs 3.50 crore on its first day

The story is based in Shahbad in a Punjabi family. The three main actors Angad Bedi, Diljit and Taapsee Pannu blend seamlessly into the milieu. Diljit is endearing as the lovestruck Sandeep and captures the sportsman’s spirit nicely as well. Vijay Raaz is in top form as his encouraging and at times, sarcastic coach. The film is breezy and has all elements of an entertainer. Vijay Raaz has some whistleworthy dialogues that will make you hoot. Diljit has some funny lines as well. The film captures the sporting setting of India’s small towns with warmth and finesse. Soorma is a breezy watch so far.

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