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Speaking Up About Sexual Assault Is Not Easy, Whether You Are A Woman Or A Man

Tanushree Dutta opened a Pandora’s box when she narrated her #MeToo story, which was brushed aside and ridiculed ten years back.

New names are being added to the list of harassers every day and I am unhappy that the survivors speaking up are mostly women.

So, men, I know that you are out there. All those of you who were harassed at some point as children, I am sure you may have some memory of your trauma. And I know that some of you have memories not just from your childhood, but also from your adult life.

Although dealing with trauma is a very personal individual journey; this may be the best time in the history of our nation – with an environment at least somewhat supportive of survivors. While Tanushree was ridiculed by the media ten years back, now, thanks to the #MeToo movement, they are all inviting her to speak.

Terry Crews, the famous Hollywood actor was sexually assaulted. And his story very well explains how men are silenced.

So, what kept this muscular, powerful man from reacting violently that night when his genitals were grabbed, in a party, in the presence of his wife?

The same thing that keeps most survivors silent- fear of being labelled as a ‘troublemaker’, and the stereotype of a ‘violent black male’ who beats people up. The perpetrator in question was literally one of the biggest names in Hollywood. From producers to top hiring agents, everyone knew him and worked with him.

Thus, he had the guts to assault Terry Crews with the conviction that there would be no consequences to face.

Speaking out about your sexual assault is not easy, whether you are a woman or a man. But the rules for male survivors are different.

Other men laugh at male survivors tagging them as weak, or feminine. Their manhood is questioned. They are supposed to ‘enjoy’ it – as if the consent meter for men is always at a big ‘yes’ no matter who the other person may be.

I see you, I respect you, and I believe you. All the feminists who are getting trolled for supporting and believing women survivors, trust me, they would be the ones supporting you too – if and when you decide to speak up. Because unlike our society which is bent on making this look like men Vs women battle, we believe that it is about crime Vs humanity; it is about right Vs wrong.

So, if there are any men out there afraid to speak up, here is a little ray of hope for you. The #MeToo includes all genders.

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