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the model just got eliminated.



No thank you, please.

Something terrible just happened.

An international model has been kicked out of a sex villa and we’re not OK with this.

You see, a few weeks ago Sophie Monk gathered together some of the country’s most beautiful/most dense people in a villa for a show called Love Island.

Every couple of days some new beautiful people enter the villa and some of the old beautiful people have to leave.

It’s basically a revolving sex door in which everyone is very tan and very simple.

Anywho, tonight queen of the beautiful people, Sophie Monk, announced the Australian public had voted on which boiz were most likely to find love in the villa.

The two boiz who received the lowest amount of votes had to go home to their full time jobs as Instagram influencers.

The first professional Instagrammer to leave was Elias… which ¯_(ツ)_/¯ .

But then it happened.

Eden (who received the highest amounts of votes from the public) had to choose who else was going home and he chose Justin over Jaxon.

He chose the literal ray of sunshine that is Justin over the short version of that guy who’s in that show about motorbikes and what not.


Justin had to leave and now who’s going to tell us every 20 minutes that he’s an international model and also the hottest person in the house?

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Until Sunday night…

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