This luxury military TANK is a sight to behold

Luxury meets military in this new SUV from Rezvani Motors. Rezvani added a new military edition “TANK” to its lineup. The extreme utility vehicle is the “toughest on Earth” according to automaker. To protect occupants from outside threats the “TANK” includes ballistic armor, smoke screen, electrified door handles, and much more.

Transcript: Luxury meets military. TANK Military Edition is the new addition to the Rezvani Motors lineup. The military “TANK” starts at $295,000. It’s designed to provide protection from “external threats.”

Rezvani Motors claims that TANK is “the toughest extreme utility vehicle on Earth.” TANK has a 6.4-liter 500 hp V8 engine with an optional 6.2-liter 707 hp V8 the same engine found in Dodge Hellcats. TANK Military Edition includes: ballistic armor, smoke screen, military run-flat tires, electrified door handles, and much more.

Each vehicle comes with a survival kit that includes first aid kit, hypothermia kit, and gas masks. The camera in front of the TANK has thermal and night vision. Share this video with your survivalist friends.

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