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What are the Main Causes of back pain?

Back is the common problem which is mostly found in all groups of people. Back pain is uncomfortable and painful in nature. But you cannot take it serious conditions until or unless it gives some negative effects on your body. According to latest studies back pain is related with your bones along with muscles which are interlinked in your back side to perform different functions.

Pain in the back is connected with bony lumbar spine along with muscles in the back and internal organs of the pelvic organs. If you notice pain in the upper back, it is due to different disorders which will covers down tumors in chest along with spine inflammation.

Main causes of back pain

Some of the main causes of back pain will cover down

 Strained muscles
 Muscle spasm
 Strained ligaments

The main reasons behind is spasm in the muscles is due to lifting something not properly or lifted any heavy things. The main causes of back pain is

Cancer in the spine- If you notice any kind of tumorin the back and it is pressed against nerve. Then it will cause back pain

Infections in the spine- If you notice fever with back pain, then it is the due to infections in the spine.

Sleep disorders- If sleep disorder is seen in the person, then it is also one of the main causes of back pain.

Mattresses- If your mattresses are bad, and then it is the main cause of back pain which is mostly seen in person.

Other infections- If your notice pain in the back which is due to bladder and kidney infections which causes severe pain in the back.

Changes seen when you have Spine Diseases

 Difficulty in lifting the things
 stretching
 Twisting
 Sneezing
 Coughing
 Muscles tension

Main Symptoms of Back pain

Weight loss- If you notice you are losing weight after week then it is major concern, you have to consult your doctor first.

Swelling on back side- If you are having swelling on the back side, then it is symptoms of back pain, where your body notices pain along with swelling in back areas.

Pain in legs- Pain in the legs is also one of the main symptoms of back pain where you are not able to work for longer time by standing.

Pain in knees- Back pain will also cause pain in the knees where person is not able to walk or run.

Fever- Feveris normal in back pain.

Thus these are the above symptoms and causes of back pain that will help you in taking right action if you are suffering from back pain. You will come across with various options while choosing back pain treatment. It would be better for person that they should select the best option from best hospitals for spine surgery in India where they will get the best treatment for this problem and your problem regarding spine injuries will fade away in short span of time.*529/hospital1.jpg

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