What Is a Video Sharing Platform (And Why Does My Business Need One)?

The trouble with YouTube is that it’s erm, everywhere. Your content has nowhere to hide… And of course, that’s a good thing. There’s only one reason you would use Youtube, and that’s because you want the world to see it. Why else would you upload to the World’s second largest search engine, right?

But what if you don’t want the world to see your video. What if your video contains your secret sauce, juicy information about your next widget or just plain old commercially sensitive information you’d rather the WHOLE world not know about.

We live in a time where knowledge is power … and occasionally we’d like people to pay for it. So why not create training videos about your specialist subject and then charge your audiences to access it?

Well this is when you need a purpose built ‘Video Sharing Platform,’ a place you can share your information with clients, suppliers, colleagues or friends, safe in the knowledge that your video is secure. A private channel through which you can invite members to view, leave feedback and answer questions about your video.

Sometimes we need to know when our video has been viewed. Perhaps the video is for induction purposes and we require ‘compliance’. Maybe we need to garner important feedback from our audience, collated at the point of viewing or generate conversation around the video subject.

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As video becomes the communication tool of choice, for both external and internal audiences, the requirement to have a secure platform on which to share content, becomes ever greater. Whether for training, promotion, documenting or simple communication, businesses are increasingly putting video at the heart of their organization.

This is why we’ve developed Three Share, a Video Sharing Platform designed specifically for businesses and organizations who have a need to share video content securely. With the ability to customize your site, Three Share integrates seamlessly and provides you with a branded platform on which you can upload, share and encourage comments and feedback, around your videos.

The ability to include questions, additional links to online material and further reading provides a greater degree of learning and assessment. Video comments encourage debate whilst documenting feedback if necessary. All video views and answers are tracked, providing critical ‘compliance’ where necessary.

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