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What is Cardi B’s baby name meaning? Fans think they know

Rapper and pop culture icon Cardi B has given birth to her first daughter with husband Offset (Kiari Kendrell Cephus).

Welcoming her newborn, Kulture Kiari Cephus, the 25-year-old shared the news over two Instagram posts in what can be described as a very Beyonce-esque birth announcement.

“Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18,” she wrote in one caption.

“Kulture :’)…no better feeling,” she shared in another, possibly hinting at its meaning.

While your guess is good as ours as to why the parents really chose the name Kulture, some fans think it’s a reference to the Migos albums Culture and Culture II – of which Offset is apart of and Cardi features on. Others think Cardi has taken a page out of the Kardashian naming book.

Some theories also suggest that maybe Kulture’s first name is a testament to Cardi being a pop kulture icon herself, as her middle name Kiari is Offset’s real name.

Either way Twitter had a lot to say about it.

Speaking of names, where does Cardi B’s name come from?

Are you a Cardi B fan? What do you think of her unique baby name?

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