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Worst-dressed celebs of the week: Priyanka, Vidya, Disha need a fashion fairy godmother to save them from the curse of disastrous outfits

The week that was kept us on our toes, trying to take stock of all that was happening in B-town. And indeed a lot was happening. From film promotions, trailer launches to success parties – we have had our hands full trying to report everything to you as it happened. But it’s Sunday now and we want to look back at the week that was with the eye of a critic. Yes, this is our guilty pleasure. But now that you know  it, let’s get to business. While we were quite happy with most celebs for stepping out in their fashionable best, a few disappointed us with their drab and dreary picks. We wish we could have sent a fashion fairy godmother to them so that they could have reversed the curse of bad outfits but we are only humans, after all. So, we will comment on all that went wrong and expect the celebs to work their magic to turn things around. Take a look…

Priyanka Chopra


It hurts us to put Priyanka Chopra on this list. You see, she is quite a permanent fixture in our best-dressed list almost every other week, so to see her in this list is rather sad. But we can’t be biased or play favourites, right? So let’s dissect this mess that PeeCee wanted to pass off as an outfit. Now now, we know love does crazy things to your head but nothing can justify this disastrous combo. The Monse Maison top would have been great with a pair of pants or a regular skirt but Priyanka dared to play with a front-slit denim skirt and we can’t stop being horrified with it. The shoes by Gianvito Rossi, too, didn’t gel with the overall look. Whatever vision of an outfit the actress had in her mind surely didn’t match the outcome. We refuse to believe that someone with such good taste in clothes would step out in this joke of an outfit. Please be more careful about the choices you make, Priyanka.

Disha Patani


We don’t know what exactly is up with Disha Patani. While most of the times we like what she wears, sometimes she does something so out of the blue, we are left wondering if she has any fashion sense at all. Take her this outing for example. She combined a pair of extremely distressed denims with a skimpy red top that didn’t go together at all. Don’t blame us for being horrified with it. There is a thin line between cool and downright outrageous and Disha seems to have crossed it with this outfit. Those hideous shoes and the cute pink bag further add to our misery. We demand an apology to the fashion Gods from Disha.

Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan never goes wrong with sarees but we love it when she experiments. However, wearing a drab plain outfit is not a great adventure, is it? When you are stepping out of the comfort zone, why not opt for new silhouettes, more colours that look like a departure from the usual. We thought Vidya was too bored when she selected this as her outfit for the day. What else would explain this plain Jane look?



Kajol is one of our favourite actresses but her fashion sense seldom impresses us. Why does she, of all people, step out in such mundane clothes? We love her onscreen persona and styling, but off screen she usually disappoints with her drab choices. Take this outfit for example. Doesn’t the Shruti Sancheti outfit look like she fashioned it out of her bedsheet before stepping out. We love her casual take on things but this is way too mundane to qualify as an outfit for a celeb. Nothing – from the fit of the dress to the colour – works for us. And those shoes are so lost in the outfit. We expect better of you, Kajol. After all, you have impressed us on certain occasions in the past and we would love to be surprised again.

Zaira Wasim

zaira wasim

Zaira is quite a newbie to the glamour world. So we don’t really blame her for her somewhat juvenile fashion choices. However, we certainly do wish she finds the right mentor to help her groom herself better. This red traditional outfit doesn’t work on her. We love the colour but the silhouette is just so boring! Zaira is young and should experiment with more cutesy stuff than swaddle herself in such heavy ensembles.

Who, according to you, was the worst dressed of them all? Tell us in the comments section below…

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